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Top Things to Do While Visiting Morocco

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Visiting Morocco will be a unique experience and one that you will cherish for the rest of your life. This land is rich in history, abundant in beautiful scenery and alive with things to do and places to visit. Visitors to Morocco will experience diversity in culture, race, and heritage. Morocco is known for it's excitement, exotic splendor and simplicity, all of which are extremely appealing to tourists and vacationers. It is the perfect getaway destination, offering the life of the city, sunny beaches, quiet nature trails and an overall relaxed atmosphere.

There are endless activities to participate in and hundreds of destinations in Morocco. Visitors often say they don't have enough time on their trips to see all there is to see. There are offerings for every person, of every gender and age. Shopaholics will be in heaven, sun worshippers in their glory and history buffs overloaded with information. Not to mention the attractions for artists, musicians or those who just want an escape from the bustle of every day life.

Morocco has hundreds of tourist attractions, museums, nature outings and guided historical tours. Visitors will never have to look far to find things of interest and activities to partake in. A major attraction in Morocco is the Sahara Desert. Experiencing a camel ride or guided tour through parts of the desert is most often the highlight of many vacations. The desert is a world of it's own and places visitors back in time, where they will see castle ruins and abandoned Foreign Legion outposts. A journey into the Sahara Desert may be one of the most remembered experiences of visitors.

If traveling to Morocco in July, don't miss the Arts festival. At this event, one will see musicians, artists, dancers and even fire-swallowers. It is an event not to be missed and many people compare it to the likes of the Mardi Gras celebration. The highlighted event during the Arts festival is the Fantasia. This is a stunt horse riding performance and is one of Morocco's most popular events. For movie lovers, visit the film studios in Quarzazate. This studio is Morocco's Hollywood. It is here that many famous movies were shot including The Jewel of the Nile, Cleopatra and The Sheltering Sky. Tours of the studio are provided daily and this is a must see for Hollywood fans.
For the adventure seeker, there are camel treks across the desert.

During this excursion, visitors will travel across sand dunes during the day and sleep under the stars. The most popular place to camel trek is the Draa Valley which is located 20 miles from the edge of the Sahara Desert. Treks range anywhere from a few hours up to a full week. If you are not quite that advantageous, try a ride through the legendary Valley of the Kasbahs. Along your drive, you will pass stunning desert landscapes, palm groves and numerous small villages. If you begin your road trip by leaving Ouarzazate and head towards The Todra Gorge, you will be traveling along a road that stretches for over 100 miles. During this trip, visitors will come across historical communities, landmarks and meet the friendly locals that are known to invite travelers into their homes. It is a great day trip for those who want to see Morocco in an air conditioned wheeled transport rather than atop a camel in the blazing sun.
There are hundreds of things to do in Morocco. Museums are numerous, fairs and festivals are scheduled year round, scenic tours are always offered and shopping is on every corner. Visiting Morocco will prove to be an adventurous experience sure to be remembered for a lifetime.

By Julia Temple
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