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Why Travel to Morocco ?

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The traveller's mecca in 60s-70s, Morocco is still a fascinating mix of Islamic, Arab, African, and Berber cultures with a topping of France. 
Throw in some pleasant cities, eye-boggling landscapes, colourful people, excellent beaches, good trekking, plenty of interesting shopping and there's something for everyone.
Moroccans are mostly Muslim but not too obsessive about it.

Moroccan Beaches:
The Mediterranean coast offers warmer, calmer waters than on the Atlantic side but cleanness may be a problem, such as on the beaches around Tangier.
Plage [Beach] Quemada near Al Hoceima [half way between Tangier and Algeria] is one of the best Moroccan Med beaches, tho' inevitably crowded.
On the Atlantic side waves and currents can be difficult and the water is always chilly but big, pleasant beaches are not hard to find though solitude - in season - is. e.g. just south of Tangier Grotte d'Hercule is clean and popular, as is Larache beach further down the coast.
Rabat and El Jadida both sport good beaches while foreign-friendly Essaouira and to the south is famous for constant wind so loved by wind surfers; Agadir, in the far south, sports big beaches, 300 days of sunshine a year and is the province of tour groups and monster resort hotels.
However, 20 miles+ past Agadir on the way to Tiznit are some stunning beaches visited by few [perhaps because there's a distinct shortage of hotels around here]. Sidi Rbat is possibly Morocco's best beach.

Activities Guide:
Trekking: Morocco's High Atlas offers not only mountain views but due to the relatively high rainfall there are plenty of lush valleys, rivers and waterfalls too. Villages - many home to colourful Berber people - provide comfortable accommodation.
From half-hour walks to 3-10+ days treks or horse/mule expeditions can be arranged by travel guides based in the Ourika Valley and elsewhere.
For hiking Mt Toubkal - the highest peak in the country at over 4,000m - start from Imlil and to visit Berber villages try Tafrout as a base.
April-October is the best time for Morocco hiking.
Rock Climbing: the Todra Gorge, near Tinehir.
Camel trekking: Can be arranged at the hotels in the desert area or tourist offices. Best time is Sep-Oct.
Driving: car rental is reasonable and available in most cities, driving is relaxing and some routes are amazingly beautiful. You don't need 4 wheel drive. A small Renault will do fine.
Water sports: Resorts on the coast such as Agadir, Asilah.
Windsurfing and surfing: winds and waves are regular and especially potent around Essaouira and to south.
Skiing: Oukaimeden, 70kms from Marrakesh, is popular. Best December - March.

Morocco Star Guide:

Landscape *****
Architecture *****
Shopping and souvenirs *****
Local culture ****
Food quality and variety ****
Hotel prices and value ***
Local people ***
Safety ***
Walkability ***
Value for money ***
Beaches ***
Museums **
Wildlife **
Nightlife and clubbing *
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 10 October 2007 )

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